Webpage: Redis Desktop Manager


  • Windows:
    • download exe and install
  • CentOS:
    • is not supported yet
  • Ubuntu:
    • download deb package and install
    • run (in terminal):
      • redis-desktop-manager

Enable remote connections (redis server on linux):

  • in redis config file /etc/redis.conf or /etc/redis/redis.conf find line BIND ….
  • easiest way is to commend this line out – redis will then listen from all adresses
  • add rule into Linux iptables – if your distro uses it:
    • iptables -I INPUT -p tcp –dport 6379 -j ACCEPT
    • check with: iptables -L|less
    • added rule should be on the top and will look like this: ACCEPT   tcp  — anywhere anywhere tcp dpt:6379
    • save with: service iptables save
  • on CentOS 7 use firewalld:
    • firewall-cmd –zone=public –add-port=6379/tcp –permanent
    • firewall-cmd –reload
  • check/ set redis password – see in text Redis basic administration

Connect to Redis from Redis Desktop Manager:

  • use description here
    • remote connections on you Redis server and Linux firewall must be allowed – see above
    • basically you need only IP address of the machine – put it in “Host” input
    • if you set password for Redis as mentioned above use it in “Auth” input
    • Test connection using button “Test Connection”